SEO strategy (road to page one)

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SEO strategy (road to page one)

Postby CushtyLa » Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:17 pm

Hi all
I've had a good read through a lot of threads - there's so much info I *think* I've got some ideas.
But I thought I'd have a thread with my strategy for my site. This will hopefully serve two purposes:

1. To see if what I'm doing is the right kind of thing, and the best use of my time - obviously would really welcome any advice and be grateful for any tips/corrections/ watchouts etc.

2. It will be a bit of discipline and focus, just by updating the thread I will be thinking about the strategy. Hopefully I will try and update when I see progress for the site. Sorry if this is boring for everyone else. I'm afraid I can't give much advice at this stage (as a beginner) but I can write what progress is made and when. It might make good reading for someone else new.

It's an e-commerce site (hand-made cushions), and I'm simply (!) just looking to rank 1. I've got great products and have put a lot of effort into making these right, so it's just right for me to now do the same with the website. I prefer to do most of the website work myself - it means that I understand what is going on at this stage.

What's done so far

[*]Built website on Big Cartel (seemed nicely customisable, easy to use and had all the functionality I need at decent value). Added Google analytics, optimised the site myself (still work to do here)
[*]Added to index Google, Yahoo, Yell, Hotfrog. I don't think I rank anywhere yet.
[*]Setup Twitter account and started tweeting and adding interesting folk. I love Twitter it keeps me updated with latest interior design, fashion etc, also can talk directly with customers.
[*]Setup Tumblr blog and got it on the site - (although this may need to change to a separate blog site after reading through the forum)
[*]Researched keywords - the keywords that seem to be most logical are "cushions" "cushion" "cushion UK" "cushions online"
[*]Ran the website through - it scored 59. No properly indexed pages, no links, lack of blog posts.
[*]Investigated the competition at rank 1 for "cushion" in the UK - their websitegrade was 93. Ran their site through yahoo site explorer:
Inlinks: 24, broken down as follows...3 Yell, 11 from their own blog, 4 paid directories, 3 press articles, 2 foreign directories, Twitter
They have many more products and their site has been online for about a year. But seems beatable in my opinion?? ;-)

Next things to do next week:

[*] Set up my own blog site, start writing some interior related articles with link. Wordpress, own domain with related url.
[*]Write a press release and add it to ezine etc
[*] Find more free directories, add link to these in my free time.
[*]Go through website, amend descriptions to be different for each product page.

Seems sensible next things to do?

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Re: SEO strategy (road to page one)

Postby Phillip » Sun Nov 13, 2011 7:11 am

Hi, nice to see you get going. I would advice you to keep the main blog on your site, or in a subdomain. This will add to the total value of your site since instead of just havin e-commerce product pages, you also have high quality informational blog posts. If you are interested in something that are out of the targeted cushion niche, start blogging somewhere else about those topics (such as interior design).

I will have to warn you, this stuff can really become a time sink, so be organized right from the start. Write down the same repetitive tasks that you need to be done on a daily/weekly basis, and get them done asap.

Here is what I would do (not "on-site")

1.Start cushion/interior design/furniture/etc. Blogs on all the reliable free blog hosts there are (I know there is a list here somewhere). You could do 5 new ones/week for example to get started. Add a few posts to each to get started, then update them on a monthly basis. Link to authorative sites (not your site yet).

2. Build links to the blogs you now have. Use the variety of web2.0 that are available. Infobarrel, squidoo etc. Build one or two links from each to your blogs. If you start five sites a week, you could try doing 2 links for the new sites a week in the beginning.

3. Start looking for aged domains that have some niche keywords in the name. Once you find them (there must be advice on this somewhere), build a "quality" site on them. Meaning unique useful content. I would try to make the niche wider here - instead of building more cushion sites, I would go with home decor sites for example.

4. Build web2.0 links to your aged domains, also look for other ways to acquire links here.

5. Use your sites to backlink your money site. If you werer able to get manygood quality self hosted aged domains, I would use the free blogs to link to those sites, in small clusters, and then use the self hosted sites to link to the business site.

It does include some work. If you can spare some money, you don't have to do it all by yourself. You'll find that some of us prefer to so everything themselves either way;)

Remember that seo takes time. Even if your competitor has a newish site, they still beat you to the bunch and have an advantage that way - this can be taken away with the above mentionned measures though. It's better to cumulate your work - create a schedule you can follow. It's far better to write just one article every day for the next year, that to write 10 articles a day for a week, get burnt out because you don't see results despite all the work you put in (remember seo takes time), and give it up for a few months.

I understand that you own your own cushion business(?), so you might already be familiar with the discipline/scheduling, so I'm sorry if you find it repetitive.

Anyways! I hope your website and business does well! Just add your highes quality "how to pick the right cushions to match thiese drapes" articles on your business site.
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Re: SEO strategy (road to page one)

Postby CushtyLa » Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:27 pm

Thanks Phillip for your reply. Such a great response and really gives me things to go away and investigate/work on.

Hehe never apologise for repetition/sucking eggs - if it is worth saying, it is worth repeating. ;-)

Yes it is my own cushion business. I realise it is a bit strange for me to join this forum, but I thought it was a good idea to learn from people who 'do the business' for the most competitive internet searches.
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