Question for Grizz or anyone on Authority Sites

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Question for Grizz or anyone on Authority Sites

Postby Thaiphoon » Mon Oct 19, 2009 1:25 am

Just read Grizz' post on double indexing and how to create authority sites.


My main question is that I'm tying to now get authority sites in my portfolio and the only ones I know of are concentrated on a main theme (product reviews or an authority site about a particular product).

Since I learn things in an absolutely stupid way ( think of the "For Dummies" books) and then can run with a concept once the lightbulb goes off (its how I learned double ledger accounting finally), let me posit this as my understanding.

I could go with an authority site about widgets by just posting about them and following his advice about how to get authority.

Or could I write some posts about left handed diaper changing and get ranked for that...then some other term to get ranked for that and do that over and over in a few months and get ranked for 30-90 terms and then gradually build up to the actual keywords that pay as I'm doing it so that I'm targeting Keywords that get traffic and $$ and then eventually use this type of "authority site" to help me launch my new site about one particular subject (such as widgets)

Am I making sense as to the type of non-specific authority site he's referring to?
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Re: Question for Grizz or anyone on Authority Sites

Postby Tel » Sat Oct 24, 2009 8:10 pm

Hint: Its easier to create an authority site in a very uncompetitive niche. Think very long tail relevant to the shorter tails of a keyword you want to rank for.
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