banned from eBay - a reply after 6 months

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banned from eBay - a reply after 6 months

Postby janetra » Fri Jun 05, 2009 1:26 am

In December I was banned from EBPN for 'having an account related to a banned account' whatever that means'. Today I received a reply!

Sorry for the delayed response. We have reviewed your case and found that your account was generating low quality traffic as gauged by our internal metrics. Your account will remain terminated, however, you will be paid any reversed commissions as per the Network Agreement in the next payment cycle.

Well I suppose I should be grateful they are paying me the more than $2000 I earned but now they've changed the reason why I was banned. I protested strongly that I never had another account etc so I guess they need another excuse. How could I have been sending 'low quality traffic' when they were paying me $40 per ACRU and had been since they introduced the quality system? I can't remember if that was high or medium quality but it certainly wasn't low quality.

I've moved on and am happy earning with adsense and affiliate sales but I still feel a sense of injustice over the way they treated me and the thousands of other affiliates banned for no good reason.
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Re: banned from eBay - a reply after 6 months

Postby Tel » Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:37 am

They are certainly not consistent about ditching their affiliates, picking on both big earners and small fry like us. Who knows what's happening over there, but if they don't get their act together, they are heading into some big problems down the line that could open the doors to some very real competition that could knock them off their perch.

The single most important truism about this business is that "affiliates control the traffic" and if you lose enough affiliates, that traffic will get diverted someplace else. I think EPN has offloaded enough sufficiently angry affiliates over the last year to cause itself some real problems. They have shot themselves in the foot and rather than try to fix it, they just keep on shooting!
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