Bloody technology - light weight website platform needed

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Bloody technology - light weight website platform needed

Postby lissie » Tue Aug 11, 2009 2:26 pm

Help - pulling my hair and its not even Google's fault!

I want to build some mini-sites for flipping.

I therefore do not want to NOT build on a database platform- I want someting I can just zip the site up and email to the buyer!

simple blog format
ability to edit themes to exclude annoyances such as dates!
abiity to ping
an RSS feed
commenting functionality
ability to have search engine friendly urls
ability to include adsense and amazon widgets
ability to include images / javascript / youtube vids etc
some basic onpage seo like h1/h2 tags - ability to edit the meta keywords, desc etc

something that is actively supported preferably with a forum would be good too - so far all I have found is which appears to have a good community around it.

Has anyone used it? Is it OK for our evil IM purposes The community looks like a nice bunch of geeks who don't have a clue re monetization - which is all good from G's point of view - but I thought I would check with the evil band before wasting moer time on the tech! :twisted:
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Re: Bloody technology - light weight website platform needed

Postby Tel » Tue Aug 11, 2009 2:46 pm

I was looking at pivot myself for creating simple sites with a different footprint to spread things around a bit. It looks easy enough and I've downloaded the stuff, but haven't gotten around to creating anything with it yet. Time is getting very squeezed lately with building hub pages and another project that is taking a lot of that valuable commodity.

I will roll it out on a domain eventually as it does look like its exactly what I want for simple, database-less blogs and mini sites.
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